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Online Delivery

Online Delivery
via email or any messenger

Original wrapping

Original wrapping
in an e-card

On any occasion

On any occasion

Client care 24/7

Client care 24/7



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Business solutions

Online gifting service
Digital gift showcase
Corporate e-card platform

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Designer E-cards

Personalize your gifting with e-cards and bring a moment of excitement through the screen.
Add your branding and customize the gifting experience.

5 reasons
to send gifts on Linko

on any occasion

on any occasion

Gifts for friends and family, employees and business partners, for loyalty programs and corporate presents.

Bulk delivery

Bulk delivery
of gifts in just a couple of clicks

We will deliver gifts to a hundred of your recipients in no time.


via any channel

We will use the most comfortable way of delivery: e-mail, messenger, social media and sms.



We will pack your gift in an original online card. Your logo, tittle and note in any card.

Online gifting

and support

We will help you with any issues. Help desk chat is always in touch.

How it works?

Choose a gift

Wrap in an e-card

Send to recipients

Send to recipients


What are online gifts?
These are gifts which do not need delivering, storing or boxing. They are easy to give to family and friends at any distance. For business purposes, online gifts can be integrated in the existing or a new loyalty program, they can be used to promote target actions and to motivate the personnel.
How does a gift look like?
On Linko, you can both send a gift as is or wrap it into a designer e-card.
Gift sample.
Gift in a card sample.
How to send a gift or an e-card?
Choose a gift or card in the catalog. Specify the way of delivery: e-mail, messengers or sms.
'E-mail' delivery.
Fill in 'Recipient's name’, 'E-mail', and 'Note’ fields. Check the e-mail address of the recipient. We will send your gift or card to the specified e-mail address immediately after payment. In addition, we will send a receipt and gift status data to your e-mail address.
'Messengers' delivery.
Fill in 'Recipient's name’ and 'Note’ fields. After payment, wait until you get back to the shop page. Copy the link to your gift or card and send it to any messenger. It's done! You have sent a gift to the recipient. In addition, we will send a receipt and a link to the gift or card to your e-mail address. If you are planning to send a gift or a card later you can do it via the link in the e-mail.
'SMS' delivery.
Fill in 'Recipient's name’, 'Telephone number, and 'Note’ fields. Check the telephone number of the recipient. We will send your gift or card to the specified number immediately after payment.
Can I test the service before purchase?
Sure. Choose a demo card and press 'Buy'. On the checkout page choose 'Messengers’ delivery. Fill in other fields and press 'Pay and Send'. You will get an access to the gift delivery page. Copy the link and send it to yourself in a message via any messenger or e-mail.
Can I send gifts and e-cards in bulk?
Yes. Linko allows for sending a lot of gifts or cards to various recipients in one order. You can create a unique message or congratulation for each recipient. If you have a large database of customers or employees you can use import of contacts in xls. This option allows for sending gifts and cards to all imported contacts.

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